Crazy Hair Colour

Vivid Hair Colour offers a great selection of the best and brightest semi-permanent hair dyes.
We are proud to stock Renbow Crazy Colour, one of the original and most long lived hair dye brands in the UK as well as La Riche Directions hair dye, Stargazer and Manic Panic.

Emerald Green Capri Blue Stargazer Tropical Green
Fire Red Stargazer baby pink Peacock Blue
Fire Red
Hot Purple Stargazer eggplant hair dye Marshmallow
Dying your hair makes a real statement, from adding a subtle tint to dark hair to bleaching it and going all the colours of the rainbow. Semi permanent hair dyes are a great way to get the look you want without the chemicals associated with more permanent products. Renbow Crazy colour hair dye is easy and safe to use at home, but it's also widely used by professional hair stylists.

To find out more about how to use Crazy Colour hair dye, see our instructions sections, for information on coverage, longevity and how to order please see our FAQ section.

Whether you're looking to add a few subtle coloured streaks or to dye your all your hair bright pink, we have what you need, and with our free shipping and volume discounts you can afford to experiment. We also stock bleach kits so if you have dark hair you can pre lighten it to make sure that you get the best and brightest colours when you dye your hair with Crazy Colour hair dye.

Please note, Crazy Colour hair dye is manufactured by Renbow International, we are a stockist and retailer but we do not manufacture, distribute or wholesale. Directions Hair Dye is made by La Riche, Manic Panic Hair Dye is made by Manic Panic US and Stargazer Hair Dye is made by Stargazer Products.